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RheoSCAN engages in the development and marketing of products and services
for the diagnosis of vascular disease. The Company delivers clinical
measurement services, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals for vascular
disease. RheoSCAN's mission is to enhance the rate of diagnosis for vascular
disease patients through innovative invention and development.
RheoSCAN indicates that deteriorated blood cell is the essential cause of
vascular diseases. The blood cell is one of the most important biomarker of
the body and is responsible for delivering gases. If blood cells are chronically
exposed at unfavorable condition such as high glucose blood, they are immediately affected and their
intrinsic characteristics (ex: deformability) are deteriorated. Deteriorated blood cells may not only impede
oxygen delivery, but also injure vascular wall, which may trigger the cascade enents responsible for
vascular diseases.
Vascular disease is the leading cause of death in the industrialized world including europe and USA.
One of RheoSCAN's target market is diagnosis if the cascular diseases. Through our innovative invention
and development, the rate of diagnisis for vascular diseases would be markedly enhanced with providing
a new point of care device to measure blood cell's physical properties.
Vascular diseases such as strokes and heart attacks are the leading causes of death in the modern world.
These vascular diseases seem to happen anybody, whether people with normal or abnormal blood
pressure, cholesterol, glucose, and so on..

Our research indicates that there is one common factor observed at all vascular disease -- the blood.
particularly, the deformability and aggregability if blood cells. Studies have shown that the less deformable
and the more aggregation the blood cells are, the more injurious it is blood vessels.

These blood cell properties show strong correlation with pre-inflammatory injury, which may leads directly
to plaque formation or thrombosis. RheoSCAN has focused on providing a better diagnosing solution for
un diagnosed and potential vascular disease patients.
RheoSCAN has a meaning that all our efforts for the research and industrialization are based on a cell rheology,
a firm basic and core element in bio-related industry. RheoSCAN is a new brand of the next-generation
analytical / experimental instruments realized by integrating recent technologies such as micro / nano-technology

The dream of RheoSCAN is to open up a bright future that guarantees healthy and happy life by providing advanced and innovative diagnostic and analytical instruments that help to prevent undelying causes of current vascular diseases. That is the reason why RheoSCAN focuses on POC (point of care) Device, MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System), bioengineering, and Lab-on-a-Chip techniques which are represented as effective tools for diagnosis and drug discovery in Bio/medical industry, a promising new industrial field in 21st century.